Blog Tour: ‘Claudine’ by Barbara Palmer Review

I received this book for free from blog tours, requested from publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: ‘Claudine’ by Barbara Palmer ReviewClaudine by Barbara Palmer
Published by Penguin Group (Canada) on September 2nd, 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Love & Romance, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Source: blog tours, requested from publisher
Maria Lantos has a secret. She’s a post-grad student researching early erotic literature at Yale who puts her studies to work after hours as a courtesan named Claudine specializing in erotic role play. Her allure and stock of sexual tricks command top dollar from international clients. When Maria receives anonymous text messages filled with chilling threats, she knows her secret is out, and someone is hunting her—someone who knows a lot about her past and who’s intent on playing a starring role in her present.

As Claudine, she loves the brief anonymous liaisons that allow her to explore the darker side of power and desire. But now it’s Maria’s turn. Two men—charismatic Yale professor Reid Whitman and her business manager, Andrei Barinov—will test the limits of her sexuality and safety, forcing her to discover the depth of the dark places within her.
Claudine combines the pace of a thriller, the deep emotional connection of a romance, and the heat of a beautiful woman’s sexual discovery.

About Barbara Palmer

I'm an established author but Claudine is my first erotic novel and I was very pleased it received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly. Barbara Palmer is my pen name.

The real Barbara Palmer, born Barbara Villiers, was a famous English courtesan, the Duchess of Cleveland. Mistress and confidant of King Charles II, she was called the shadow queen" because of her strong influence on the king.

I have a taste for the classics in erotic literature: Henry Fielding, John Cleland's Fanny Hill, Anais Ninn and especially Joseph Kessel, author of Belle de Jour. So naturally, I was intrigued when the opportunity to write Claudine came along but also aware of what a challenge it would be since erotic romance differs so much from my other novels.

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Claudine starts off with such a sexy scene that I knew that I was reading a different book from what I usually read. The first chapter sets up the entire book nicely. Especially when we realize that it’s not your normal erotic romance. It’s a thriller as well because someone gets murdered who coincidentally is after Claudine. She’s our main character and from her point of view we’re dropped into her world.


I found Claudine to be incredibly hard on herself and her reasoning behind why she started her career. And the thing is, I couldn’t get inside her head. It was more of her daily life, and not about what she felt about it. Her past was only brought up by the end, and I didn’t so much care about it. She acts like she’s on stage, performing for an audience or her client, and that detracts from who she really is. I thought the secondary characters were a nice touch. Especially when I found out that her friend and stylist turned out to be a Filipina. There’s not many books where I can find someone of my own nationality in it, so it was quite refreshing and a surprise to me. Andrei was a nice touch, and sure it was a cliche romance, but I understood why it happened. The pacing was okay and finding out who was behind it all was what kept me throwing the book down and picking up another. Most scenes were very heavy on the sex, so make sure to remember that.


Overall, it was a good story filled with sexy scenes and a thrilling mystery that I couldn’t even figure out.


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Because I’m Filipina they think I’m an illegal. (27)
They’re all firsthand confessions from women who started out as innocents and become entangled in a life of vice. Women oppressed by sadistic males. (34)
Lovers never owe each other anything. (75)
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