Blog Tour: ‘Iridescent’ by Carol Oates Review and Giveaway

Blog Tour: ‘Iridescent’ by Carol Oates Review and Giveaway

I received this book for free from blog tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: ‘Iridescent’ by Carol Oates Review and GiveawayIridescent by Carol Oates
Series: Ember #2
Published by Omnific Publishing on October 16th, 2012
Genres: Angels, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 330
Format: eBook
Source: blog tours
Candra Ember used to dream of saving the world one person at a time. She never expected to become an angelic weapon and the last hope in the battle against ultimate darkness.

Falling for a Nephilim wasn’t part of Sebastian’s plan. Distraction is something he can’t afford when his rival, Draven, wants what Sebastian has.

Lies, manipulation, and corruption are twisting the lives of the citizens in Acheron. The Arch is missing from Heaven, and a demon is intent on claiming the city. At a time they should be growing closer, grief and paranoia is driving Candra and Sebastian apart.

If the price of restoring the Watchers to Heaven is a human soul, who deserves to be saved?

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We’re back with Candra and her love triangle between Sebastian and Draven. Her love for both of them confused me just because it felt so fast. Insta-love at its best? I’m not sure if it was their angelic powers of persuasion, but she is still as lusty as ever. (It’s only normal.)

This time around there is a plot developing, and when it finally gets unleashed, I got real excited. There’s a clear cut villain in the form of the demon Lilith and her minions and as creepy as it may sound, she was definitely the most interesting character in the entire novel. Someone who is as power-hungry as another tyrant, and she uses souls as quickly as she can tire them. I loved seeing more of Draven in this one. His point of view is finally shared, and you can finally spot a personality forming. I also still loved Candra’s brutal bravery, and strength. She has admirable qualities in a character that many other readers can definitely root for. In Ember, Candra’s true power isn’t revealed, but it is revealed in Iridescent. (FINALLY.)

What bothered me about the pacing in this novel was the sheer amount of dialogue and thoughts. There was still way too much. I needed action. I needed Lillith to be ruthless and take someone down. As the stubborn reader that I am, I do plow through, and rarely do a DNF, and since the mystery surrounding Candra’s powers grew, so did my page turning. I just needed to know why! I felt the reader and the characters were still left in the dark, thank God, some questions were finally answered. But that ending! I was still confused. What happened exactly? I can only assume it was for the better. sighs At least this one had more action than romance. applauds


I am not property to possess.
What is normal, Sebastian? Does anyone ever have normal? Because I’ve never seen it. It’s an illusion. No one has a perfect life because we are all different and we are all just trying to muddle through together as best we can.
Why do I always have to be the damsel in distress? Why can’t you be the damsel for a change?
Where were the books telling little girls the prince may become complacent about their relationship, or the princess might end up spending her days in bed, alone with a tub of ice cream?
Love is just like the flower; it has hidden depths that we rarely ever explore. Beneath the surface lies a network of roots. You can admire the flower for what it is, or you can dig deeper. The more you dig, the more you will find. The real reasons we love a person sometimes exist in the darkest and deepest part of us, the part that knows no logic…or rationale.
He was the blanket, wrapping comfort around her when she felt the chill of loneliness and fear. He was the book she peered into a thousand times, until she knew the scent of the pages and the imperfections in the printed ink, yet presented her with fresh ideas and new adventures at every occasion. He was unexpected.
Crying isn’t weakness. Crying shows compassion and heart.

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  1. Grace Lo

    October 12, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    Iridescent sounds great! Though I haven’t read Ember, I think I already love Candra! Your analysis on her character made her into the heroine I’d like to read about. Can’t wait to get Ember soon, so I can read Iridescent!

    • Giselle

      October 13, 2012 at 1:05 AM

      It really is a great book! This is why I love supporting indie authors. They are such great writers!

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