Feature: 2013 Book Blogging Goals

Please excuse my extremely late post for resolutions goals. I would rather call these goals and aspirations because I’m determined to achieve most of them.

Wish me luck!


Schedule posts a month ahead

I was good at doing this last year but then I stopped during the summer. Being ahead of my schedule made me less stressed and more organized because then I can easily switch posts around if I wanted. This also means I must write a month’s worth of reviews, memes, and featured posts which take an insane amount of time to write. But I did it before and I can do it again!


Go through old posts and update each one individually

My current blog post has a much more visual and creative feel, and I really want to incorporate the reviews plugin in so readers can quickly scan my summarized thoughts if they don’t want to read the entire review.


Re-design entire layout and design

I’ve always wanted a more personalized design and look for the blog because right now it’s using the theme that I bought. Like my tagline states: “More than Just Reviews…” I want BO-OK NERD to be an online magazine or resource for any book nerd fan. I have so many ideas that I want to incorporate, so little by little, you’ll notice little changes here or there.


Add more organization to the navigation

WordPress is so wonderful for hosting a multi-platform web site that I couldn’t believe I was hesitant to use it when it came out. *is old* I always find even more useful plug-ins to better my workflow and I love that it’s incredibly user-friendly. I need to add categories right in the menu so everything will be found a lot quickly.


Include other types of posts

I admire all the bloggers who have a discussion post every week and the topics they include are so interesting and engaging. And as loyal readers have known, I can be exceptionally opinionated seeing things in black or white. Yet for some reason, I was always afraid to speak my mind considering the backlash that others get. So I thought that I could put a spin on my discussion posts and write them in a way that is part journal/inspirational and twist it so it applies to books! I’m hoping to have one featured


Maintain a schedule

Aim to read as many books per week, and write the reviews right after I finish reading them. I used to do this quite diligently but have lacked the drive to write reviews most recently. It’s also because sometimes I just don’t know what to write about. I get stuck and I have my notes typed up but then I’ll forget it. Then I come back to the note and realize I didn’t even finish the review.


Be more picky

I’ve stopped requesting books for review from my contacts only because I have so many I have yet to read sitting on my shelf. I’m determined to make a dent in my to-read pile, but I’m also willing to stop what I’m reading and mark the book as a DNF (Did Not Finish). Thinking about the amount of time I invest in reading a book I already didn’t like is a waste of time.


Organize my email inbox and social media accounts

This might be my slight OCD, but when ever I see my overflowing inbox, it stresses me out. Which is why I must take advantage of syncing my Gmail account to my Outlook program, as well as archiving all the outstanding emails in my inbox.

As for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Good Reads I also need to find out a way to maintain them all. Right now I try to take advantage of their APIs so if I’m on YouTube (for example), it’ll automatically post a tweet on Twitter with a link to my video which increases more click-thrus.


Book Nerd asks..“What are some of your book blogging goals?”

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