Feature: Happy One Year Blogaversary! – Book Industry – Part 6



If there weren’t any readers, the book industry wouldn’t even exist. Readers and the people who keep the book industry running need to work together to survive. If one part of the book industry machine conks out, there wouldn’t be any books sitting in my bookcase.

Can I thank Johannes Gutenberg for creating the printing press? (Bless his inventive genius soul) Where would books be if he didn’t even invent it in the first place? Could you think of a world without books? That would be a nightmare to live through.

It takes a country to publish a book, and even though all the authors get most of the credit, you can’t forget about the other people behind the team.

Here’s to all the marketing, publicists, media agencies, magazines, editors, sales team, advertising agencies, distributors, book stores, sellers, cover designers, book designers, photographers, illustrators and so many other people behind a book.

Thank you for all the work that you do. For all the long hours that you work in getting this book into a readers hands, or more aptly named a book blogger’s hands..

This post is for you!


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