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RandomHouse Canada asked me to participate in Katie Dale’s Blog Tour! Here’s my quick interview that I did with her. Check out more of the other stops with the links below:

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How did you come up with the plot of Someone Else’s Life?

I heard a story on the news about two babies that got swapped at birth and it just really stuck with me. How would I feel if that happened to me? What would I do? So I decided to use it as the basis of a story. Then I needed a reason for my character to discover she was switched, and started researching genetic diseases when I came across Huntington’s disease- a late-onset fatal hereditary disease for which you can be tested at age 18, but for which there’s no cure. Suddenly the questions became much tougher – what if it was me? Would I really want to take the test if there was no cure? Would you?

Who is your favourite character in Someone Else’s Life?

Jack. He’s so kind, and generous and loving and tries so hard to do the right thing by all the people he loves, when he’s stuck in the middle and torn in a million different directions. He’s the perfect dad.

Who inspires you to write and why?

My mum, Elizabeth Dale, is also a children’s author, and she inspired my love of writing from a very early age, and still inspires me every day. She’s always the first person to read my work, and she’s incredibly supportive. Also any great book I read inspires me to write – to find new ways of expressing things and new stories to tell. I am bowled over by the creativity and simply beautiful writing in YA today and they make me strive to make my own books better.

You spent some time backpacking in Asia, did that experience influence a future book perhaps? How did it change you as a person, getting to see all the different cultures, so different than your own?

Yes! I have big plans for a book set travelling through Asia – and I had some adventures, I can tell you – and not all good! Millipedes and bedbugs, anyone? I found it completely eye-opening, most especially watching poverty-stricken children in Cambodia playing football together in the mud. They have next to nothing in material goods, very basic food and housing and clothing, but they really were the happiest children I’ve ever seen. It was really humbling, and a reminder of what’s truly important in life.

What were some of your favourite novels you have read when you were a teen?

I loved anything written by Caroline B. Cooney, especially her Face on The Milk Carton series – it totally caught my imagination. I also loved Judy Blume, Paula Danziger and was obsessed with Sweet Valley High, and any teen book set in America (which most were at that time)

Why did you decide to be a writer?

I have always loved reading and writing and devising plots and characters, and have done this in my spare time for fun all my life. Then I entered the Undiscovered Voices competition run by the SCBWI and suddenly people wanted to pay me to do it! It was like winning the lottery – a dream come true!

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  1. Danica Page @Taking it One Page at a Time

    January 14, 2013 at 3:59 PM

    Thanks for sharing. I loved this book and this Q & A. I think several people are intrigued with the idea of being switched at birth.

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