Recap: Breathless Reads Tour

Once I heard that the Breathless Reads tour was having a stop in Canada, I pretty much squealed because when will we ever be seeing any of these awesome Penguin authors anyway?!

The tour itself was tied with Faze magazine and the Supergirl event so naturally there were going to be some teen acts.


I’ve never been to the Opera House before but I was lucky enough to work near the area so I knew how to get there. The weather that day was super cold with having -20 windchill so I figured being a little late wouldn’t matter. I was wrong since they didn’t let people in until a little later. It was brutal since most girls standing in line were there super early and I remember lots of frozen limbs. I’m a patient person and I usually give people be benefit of the doubt but after waiting there in the cold, I knocked on the glass door (people were putting cupcakes together) to ask to be let in. Hopefully my complaining helped a bit because the line started to move and we finally got inside. There were some beauty tables where you could get your makeup done and even your nails painted so that was cute. There was also a table where you can buy some band t-shirts and merchandise.

The Toronto area bloggers were all pretty much there and we cornered a table to ourselves. I knew it was going to be a while before the authors actually arrived so I learned to be patient and tried to tune out the screaming. Some teen girl’s lungs are too strong for my ears though and the pitch they would hit managed to hit my own ears.


I just started at Penguin that week, so I was super lucky to be allowed in the green room where I introduced myself to the authors Beth Revis, Jessica Spotswood, Morgan Rhodes and Adrienne Kress. They were all so excited being in Canada and I was just as excited myself.

After all the acts that performed, they finally introduced the authors and we all lined up to get our books signed. I let everyone go ahead of me so I could take their photos with Jessica Spotswood.

Faze introduced Morgan and Adrienne to the stage and asked them questions.

faze-magazine-breathless-reads-tour_photo03faze-magazine-breathless-reads-tour_swag02 faze-magazine-breathless-reads-tour_swag01


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