Recap: Signing at Chapters with Jenny Han


Decided to get there super early because Jenny is a popular contemporary author so I was promptly there by 5 even though the signing was at 7pm. (Talk about commitment!)

Anna wanted to come, so we ate then went to the store. Lynne @wordsofmystery was seated at the front row saving spots for Juhina and Farah @majibookshelf.


Stupid me, I forgot that I asked some bloggers to save me a spot so both Siobhan @ Coversations of a Reading Addict and Jen @ JenKentfield were saving spots. Thanks guys! Got to do a quick shoutout to Brittany @ Story of my Reading Life and Patty @ Imaginative Minds (Bloggers and BookTubers alike!).


jenny-han_signing_photo02 jenny-han_signing_photo03

Before I knew it, two hours flew by. Talking with friends made the wait so much faster. And before I knew it, Jenny was here!


  • Jenny used to write love letters and stick them in a box
  • The Summer trilogy was considered to be all in one book, but decided to split it up because she had so much to tell.
  • Feels like it’s very daunting looking at a blank screen..
  • Doesn’t write in order
  • The Prettt Trilogy was optioned for a TV show, but had lots of stops and starts.
  • Simon and Schuster have been really good to her about the cover design process, involving her in every step of the way.
  • She picked the models. Brought some clothes for the girls to wear for the Burn trilogy. Jenny also collected some of the photographs for the cover of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. She is very picky about the fonts for her cover, so they hired an illustrator to hand-letter the cover
  • As for the Burn for Burn trilogy, S&S decided that the first book was too muted and not eye catching enough. So they redesigned the covers to make the characters more visible, more bright to get more exposure.


If something isn’t quite working, they redesign it to try to get a bigger audience, so more people can find the books.


Jenny said it wasn’t her writing, but that autograph sure looks a lot like the typography on the cover 😛

Each book is different, so each process is different.

Thank you so much to Simon and Schuster Canada and Chapters for the amazing signing!

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