Recap: Signing at Chapters with Melissa de la Cruz

This time around I was sure to see Melissa. She came last year for her last Blue Bloods book, The Last Paradise, but sadly I missed it. So once I heard that she would be coming back down to Toronto, I jumped at the chance.


My best friend and I grabbed seats two hours early only because we didn’t know how many people would be attending. Two hours pretty much flew by just by talking with friends and reading some magazines and books.


In this world, using magic, is like using a nuclear weapon.


Before we knew it, Melissa came out and she is just so sweet and inspiring. She talked a lot about her writing sand what inspires her and how she knew she wanted to be a writer when she was younger. How she remembered reading about the ghost writer of the Sweet Valley High series to be incredibly young and aspired to be one too.



  • The Ring and the Crown is inspired by the Mists of Avalon and the ending of War and Peace
  • Used pop culture references from OK gossip magazines using Prince William and Prince Harry to form the two leading men
  • Likes her take on the Witches of East End TV show!
  • Pop culture references from Prince William and Prince Harry, reading OK gossip mags
  • Doing a spin-off of Blue Bloods!!
  • What if magic superseded technology


A rebellion trying to bring science forward. I thought it was kinda fun to switch that.

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