Review: ‘Gabriel’ by Nikki Kelly

I received this book for free from author review pitch in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: ‘Gabriel’ by Nikki KellyGabriel by Nikki Kelly
Series: The Styclar Saga #2
Published by Feiwel & Friends on October 27th, 2015
Genres: Angels, Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Vampires, Young Adult
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: author review pitch
The handsome Angel from Lailah gets center stage in this continuation of Wattpad sensation Nikki Kelly’s romantic and action-packed series about mortals, vampires, and angels.

Gabriel is an Angel Descendant. He's also an ally to a generation of vampires who want to break away from the demon who controls them. His faith in the power of good over evil wavers, however, when he discovers that Lailah, the woman he considers his only true love, may be both angel and demon. Is their love enough to overcome the dark forces who are ready to go to war with Gabriel, the vampire Jonah, and the angel and vampire forces? And can Gabriel compete with Jonah, who is also in love with Lailah?

Once again, Nikki Kelly looks deeply into the heart and soul of good and evil to create a romantic, action-packed reading adventure.

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Lailah is back with Gabriel and even though she remembers everything that has happened with him, she doesn’t remember a thing about Jonah. Does she truly belong with one or the other? Does she realize how important her growing powers are against this angel and vampire war?

I have to had it to Nikki Kelly because she sure knows to write love triangles well. I got to know more about the self-titled Angel Gabriel and even though being good and righteous is a great thing, I found him to be rather selfish. At least selfish in the beginning and his actions were revealed at the end. Then it just made me sad. Jonah was merely absent for he had more of an effect with Lailah in the first book, but his charming annoying personality is still bright and shining here.

I loved how this book ended, even though this was too much of a filler book, I still want to know how this war will end. I find it fascinating because good vs. evil stories are just my favourite! What I wanted was more plot development but I ended up getting more character development which isn’t a bad thing considering Lailah finally realizes and embraces herself..There’s always the one boy you’re rooting for, but in other cases you root for the girl herself. And I was rooting for Lailah all the way to the end!


I may not remember you, but I never forgot you.
I would tear down everywhere until all that was left was nowhere, and I would save you. I will always save you.
You will only fail if you don’t try.
Your inability to walk away from trouble will be your undoing.
Following you is easy, Lailah. It’s the watching you leave that’s hard.
How quickly love had turned to hate, how easy it had been to obliterate.

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