Review: ‘Kinslayer’ by Jay Kristoff

I received this book for free from author review pitch in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: ‘Kinslayer’ by Jay KristoffKinslayer by Jay Kristoff
Series: The Lotus War #2
Published by Thomas Dunne Books on September 17th, 2013
Genres: Action & Adventure, Dystopian, Fantasy & Magic, Steampunk
Pages: 432
Format: Hardcover
Source: author review pitch
The mad Shōgun Yoritomo has been assassinated by the Stormdancer Yukiko, and the threat of civil war looms over the Shima Imperium. The Lotus Guild conspires to renew the nation’s broken dynasty and crush the growing rebellion simultaneously – by endorsing a new Shōgun who desires nothing more than to see Yukiko dead.

Yukiko and the mighty thunder tiger Buruu have been cast in the role of heroes by the Kagé rebellion. But Yukiko herself is blinded by rage over her father’s death, and her ability to hear the thoughts of beasts is swelling beyond her power to control. Along with Buruu, Yukiko’s anchor is Kin, the rebel Guildsman who helped her escape from Yoritomo’s clutches. But Kin has his own secrets, and is haunted by visions of a future he’d rather die than see realized.

Kagé assassins lurk within the Shōgun’s palace, plotting to end the new dynasty before it begins. A waif from Kigen’s gutters begins a friendship that could undo the entire empire. A new enemy gathers its strength, readying to push the fracturing Shima imperium into a war it cannot hope to survive. And across raging oceans, amongst islands of black glass, Yukiko and Buruu will face foes no katana or talon can defeat.

The ghosts of a blood-stained past.

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Kinslayer starts off with a bang and it doesn’t stop there. It just keeps running full steam ahead! There was so many plot lines and different things going on all at the same time that I was never bored. So many revelations..You never know who to trust. There’s so many people I wanted to trust, but at the same time knew they would betray their friends. Yukiko and Hiro’s anger makes them dangerous. And when characters are so blinded by their hate, they turn into people they don’t even know. It was so sad to read about. These characters that knew love with each other, hating one another for betraying them. This world is so brutal. Just like the first book, it’s heavy on violence with mentions of rape.

Burruu and his sarcastic wits are back. As well as a scene where he loses himself because he finds a female griffin. Yukiko encounters gaijin, people with pale faces and blonde hair. Finally some insight as to what goes outside of Shims is seen. I liked that take on it, if only they were kind people. Michi had such a courageous heart. Being within the palace and being a spy to help save Aisha. Ahhh so much intrigue! I liked reading from her perspective. I can’t imagine having to be a spy and an assassin.

Holay crap. This book is crazy.. Crazy good! Thank goodness I have the last book!

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This will be my torment. Surrounded by a sea of mooning adolescent monkey-boys. Muddling about in puddles of their own dribble. (34)
You give people hope, Yukiko. The strength at the heart of all strength, the steps you take now, the first steps—they are always the hardest. But the footprints you leave in the earth behind you will be followed by thousands. (95)
Any nation is only as noble as its ruler. (131)
I will never leave you. Never forsake you. For you are the heart of me. (158)
I flew here on an idiot with his penis where his brain used to be. (205)
There is power in words. (248)
You must be patient as stone until the time comes to strike, and harder than stone when you finally draw your blade. (324)





  1. Jen

    January 5, 2015 at 9:05 AM

    The last book is also crazy good. Loved this series

    • giselle

      January 5, 2015 at 10:55 PM

      I know! I have that review scheduled too

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