Review: ‘The Witch Hunter’ by Virginia Boecker

Review: ‘The Witch Hunter’ by Virginia BoeckerThe Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker
Series: The Witch Hunter #1
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers on June 2nd, 2015
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 362
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley
The magic and suspense of Graceling meet the political intrigue and unrest of Game of Thrones in this riveting fantasy debut.

Your greatest enemy isn't what you fight, but what you fear.

Elizabeth Grey is one of the king's best witch hunters, devoted to rooting out witchcraft and doling out justice. But when she's accused of being a witch herself, Elizabeth is arrested and sentenced to burn at the stake.

Salvation comes from a man she thought was her enemy. Nicholas Perevil, the most powerful and dangerous wizard in the kingdom, offers her a deal: he will save her from execution if she can break the deadly curse that's been laid upon him.

But Nicholas and his followers know nothing of Elizabeth's witch hunting past--if they find out, the stake will be the least of her worries. And as she's thrust into the magical world of witches, ghosts, pirates, and one all-too-handsome healer, Elizabeth is forced to redefine her ideas of right and wrong, of friends and enemies, and of love and hate.

Virginia Boecker weaves a riveting tale of magic, betrayal, and sacrifice in this unforgettable fantasy debut.

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More like the ex witch hunter! Apparently she was convinced right away that her entire life was a lie. I’m not sure why she was convinced so easily when there was no proof. Maybe because the group of people she ended up meeting were kind and knew what the word “family” meant. I also did not see all the chemistry or love that Elizabeth and John felt. It was more like friendship first, then all of a sudden he forgave her? I wasn’t buying it. It was too easy, he was mad for a second and then wasn’t! I pretty much loved the fiery Fifer and the sarcastic George. Those two secondary characters had more personality than the two main ones. They were super entertaining when they bickered. Sometimes it’s such a shame that the two main characters can be so forgettable when the side characters are brimming with personality.

The overall story was fairly interesting and I liked how the author incorporates magic users versus non-magic users. I just didn’t see why it was banned in the first place. Just because it was dangerous? Why was it a danger? There was no explanation.

Maybe the second book will have more answers because I really want to know what happens to their world and to the rest of the characters. It was such a fun ride, but I wanted a bit more awareness. Guess that’s just me being nit-picky. Perfect for fans who love the witchy genre 🙂

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Maybe if you cared less about the way I look and more about catching witches, you might be half as good as me.
It’s funny to hear something so salty coming from someone who looks so sweet.
Your greatest enemy isn’t what you fight, but what you fear.
We all die. That’s not a prophecy, it’s a certainty.
It goes against everything I’ve ever known, a betrayal of everything I’ve ever been taught. But who betrayed who first?
What you want to do next, who you want to be, where you want to belong, that’s entirely up to you. As I always say, nothing is written in stone.

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  1. G K

    August 29, 2016 at 6:45 PM

    I love reading the occasional science fiction novel. Witches aren’t something I usually read outside of Harry Potter, but I’m intrigued by this book.

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