Review: ‘Under My Skin’ by Charles de Lint

Review: ‘Under My Skin’ by Charles de LintUnder My Skin by Charles de Lint
Series: Wildlings #1
Published by Razorbill Canada on March 6th, 2012
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 408
Format: Hardcover
Source: won
For the past six months, something has been happening to young people in Santa Feliz. Week after week, there’s news of another teen changing shape, transforming from human into wild animal and back again.

Josh Saunders has seen the news reports, but he’s still unprepared when it happens to him. One minute he’s arguing with his mother’s boyfriend—and the next he has transformed into a mountain lion. Trusting only his best friends Des and Marina with his secret, Josh tries to return to normal life. But an encounter with Elzie, another Wildling, brings him unwanted attention from the authorities. And when an accidental betrayal reveals Josh’s secret, his carefully constructed cover is ripped apart. Josh’s friends must grudgingly put their trust in outsiders, including other Wildlings—and, most challenging, in each other—if they ever hope to save him.

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If you’re looking for an action-packed novel, then you found it. Because where else would you be able to find teenagers who could shape-shift into animals. From a mountain lion, to an otter, and even a rat! It was interesting to hear what the government knew about these kids, yet I didn’t fully trust what their intentions were.

There are enough characters in here that it made me feel like I was reading a Michael Grant novel. Sure it was a little hard to keep track of all the names and who did what, or whether they were a good or bad guy, but at least there were two developed characters.

As you read along, you are placed into Josh and Marina’s point of views, which is refreshing. I like reading through both a male and female’s perspectives, but in this case, Marina just acted like a love-sick fool which I guess she kind of is.

What sickened me were the methods the evil ones performed on the Wildlings, and I couldn’t stand reading some of the pages, I honestly skipped those detailed paragraphs. I did think there was a lot more dialogue than plot development, and there were some parts that could have been edited down, but other than it was a great urban fantasy read. I hope to read more about the Wildlings and where they came from and why they exist in the first place.


Think too much and you tend to worry about life instead of living.




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  1. Jaime Lester

    March 27, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    I have always heard what a fantastic writer Charles de Lint is, but I had never had any personal experience until last year when I read The Blue Girl. I finally got why he was so highly praised. That book blew me away. I loved it. The characters, the world, the plot… all of it was nothing short of amazing. This one doesn’t sound like a book that I would normally gravitate to quickly, but coming from this author I think I would grab it up quickly!

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