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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o there’s this new web site that acts like an agregator of book reviews. You know is for movies? Well I Dream Books is just for books! It sounds like an awesome site that’s sure to take off in the book community.


We aggregate book reviews by critics to help you dicover the very best of what's coming out each week. In short, we are like for books. We also do book giveaways. Our giveaways is a fun way to share your interests in books on Twitter and Facebook and get rewarded with free copies.


You can also add your own blog to their database by filling out this form

There are a couple of rules such as:

  1. You must have a blog that has been up for one year.
  2. Your blog must be exclusively related to books only.
  3. You must be blogging book reviews consistently.

The site is easy enough to use. You find yourself on the main site where you can click on any book to your liking.

Then you end up on the single review page. Within the page you can see a description of the book, the book cover, a mini bio about the author, and how many reviewers liked or disliked the book. It’s calculated out of 100%, so you can see if a book is loved or not. They have an easy and scannable interface with lots of link backs to other book blog review sites.

You can also navigate the site by category, or use the search bar to find a book title of your choice.



What do you guys think? Answer in the comments below.

Will you use this site? Do you think it’ll help spread the word out about books? Do you have any problems with the site itself? Is it easy enough to join and start using the site?

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