Crash Roobet Tips

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Online gambling is an activity that can be entertaining and scary at the same time, especially when you play Crash Roobet. Indeed, Crash Roobet is the quintessential game that the online betting community has been raving about since August 2018.

Much like JetX, Crash Roobet allows you to make a significant amount of money when you effectively make your cash outs. What are the best tips for playing Crash Roobet to make money? Check an overview of the features of this online game.

What are the best tips on Crash Roobet?

Crash Roobet is a game that allows you to make a lot of money if you apply the winning crash gambling strategy. Indeed, the principle of the game is simple; you have a few seconds to place a cryptocurrency bet on a rocket that is ready to take off at each round of the game.

Here, we’re talking about a racket as opposed to a plane in JetX. In Crash Roobet, as long as the racket is flying, your multiplier will gradually increase.

You can therefore cash out to earn money. However, if the rocket explodes and you have not been able to cash out, then you lose your bet. To avoid losing in the game of Crash Roobet, you can adopt some tricks to last during your games.

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Strategy 1:

Bet big on small multipliers or bet small on big multipliers

Betting on this crash gambling strategy is all about cashing in to secure your balance with the main bet and trying good deals on your second bet. For example, if you place your cryptocurrency bet of €5 on a multiplier of 1.35 on the left, you should bet €0.5 on the right by opting for a big multiplier ×30, ×50, or ×100.

The reason this trick is used in Crash Roobet is that it allows you to try a low bet on a high multiplier. The amount of money you place on each game should be within your budget. The best thing about Crash Roobet is that you can place a cryptocurrency bet of 0.02 euros. This gives you the choice of how much you want to bet on each racket.

Strategy 2:

Bet on a low multiplier for the main bet or bet on a high multiplier on the secondary bet

Generally, this method of betting is used in Crash Roobet to make hypothetical wins. In effect, this crash gambling strategy involves placing a bet that matches the hypothetical win of your first bet. To illustrate, if you place €5 on a multiplier of 1.35 on the left, you will receive €6.75 if the rocket has not exploded. As such, you will receive a profit of €1.75 which will be used to bet on the second bet with a small multiplier. However, note that the multiplier on the second bet must be higher than the multiplier on the first. If you want to play Crash Roobet for a longer period of time, this is the strategy you should adopt. It should be noted, however, that the strategy does not allow you to make a lot of money, however, you do have a longer playing time.

Strategy 3:

Bet big with a low multiplier on the main bet or bet your winnings on the side bet with a medium multiplier

This betting strategy is somewhat similar to the one just described; the difference is that the multiplier for the main bet is sometimes high. This is a trick that some JetX players also use to make money. The same technique works with Crash Roobet; the proof is that if you place €5 of cryptocurrency on a 1.35 multiplier on the left, you will bet €1.75 of cryptocurrency on the right on a high ×5 multiplier.

Strategy 4:

Bet on the main bet with a high multiplier or bet your winnings on the side bet by choosing a high multiplier

This is the last trick that players use, but it is a bit risky. It’s a strategy to cushion the loss of your bets. But here, the winnings from the second bet are more substantial if you make your cash outs on time. In clear terms, if you place a bet of 5 euros on the main bet with a multiplier of 1.5, it is important that you also bet 2.5 euros on the second bet by choosing a multiplier × 15 to win.