Crash Roobet Tips

Online gambling is an activity that can be entertaining and scary at the same time, especially when you play Crash Roobet. Indeed, Crash Roobet is the quintessential game that the online betting community has been raving about since August 2018. Much like JetX, Crash Roobet allows you to make a significant amount of money when […]

Million Dollar Blackjack – the Book of the Gambling Genius

It is often said that what distinguishes a good blackjack player from an amateur is the ability to constantly question his or her game and work harder to improve it. To help you become an incredible blackjack player, we’ve selected one of the best books on the most famous card game, written by a legendary […]

Bringing Down the House: How to Take Vegas for Millions

The authors describe how to make some of the more common card games and casinos work for you. Though they disagree on what strategies work, they all agree that cheating at gambling is not only illegal but a risky way to get caught. Plus, it’s just plain wrong. Ben Mezrich is one of these authors. […]