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Welcome to the one of the stops of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour, hosted by The Book Bratz! This is a summer-long tour where we’ll be introducing you to different book bloggers and their awesome blogs every Sunday – if you’re interested in learning more about the tour, click here!

Today I will be featuring Jaclyn from
Living in a World of Book Quotes

Here are her Top 5/5 Book Recommendations


Small Circles (I will recommend the whole series- Ninety Degrees, Small Circles, Three-Sixty, Infinite Limits) by Megan Duke

I think that a lot of people will fall in love with this series and the characters. Each character is unique and different from one another, which allows readers to relate to any of the characters. Whats unique about this book/series is that each “chapter” is the end of each year in the characters lives. You are able to see how much each character has grown throughout the four years in the book. As I had said in my review of this book, this is a great book about finding out what you are made of, even if there are a few bumps along the way. I think that people in their teens, twenties, and even people in their thirties will appreciate and love this book.


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Oh wow. seriously fell in love with this book from the start. I typically do not like books that take place in “one setting” because I find them to be kind of dull. However, this book is far from being dull. I think what makes this book unique is the two main characters conversations. Nowadays, with the onslaught of so much technology, we all seem to forget whats special about having face to face conversations with others. Even though I don’t really believe in the whole “love at first sight”, this book gave me butterflies as though I was experiencing “love at first sight”.



Talented (another series I HIGHLY recommend) by Sophie Davis

Besides contemporary books, I love love love dystopian/paranormal books. This book really made me fall in love with the dystopian genre. The book focuses on the main character and her struggle to find the man that killed her parents, while dealing with being a teenager with psychic powers. I liked how those characters with “Talents”, the ones with powers each had a unique eye color. I loved that this book involved a strong female lead who didn’t take crap from anyone. And yet, even though the main character Talia was strong, she also had a soft side, especially when it came to her relationship with the male counterpart in the book. I do not want to get into too much detail about them, but I love their friendship in the beginning of the series. I highly recommend this book… I mean have you ever read four books in a series in a whole week because they were THAT good?



Ignite by Lily Paradis

If you’re a fan of fairy tales and Disney movies, this is definitely your book. This book is about tragedy and fate. There were a few parts that I thought were a bit too far fetched, but that’s what makes this book fantastic. The characters deal with a lot of tragedy from their past and they have to learn whether or not to learn from their past and move on or choose to allow their past to consume them. I hope this is making sense… The characters in this book also learn about what it means to be a family.



Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout- As I said in my review, it took me awhile to get this book after finding out about it because I felt that it resembled Twilight (don’t hurt me for saying this!)… but boy was I wrong. In NO way is this book/series like twilight. First off, readers can easily relate to Katy, the main character, because she is a blogger. I liked the interactions between Katy and Daemon, aka, not taking any of his crap and giving it right back to him. Its nice when you read books where there is a lot of communication between the characters and an underlying connection between them. I would definitely recommend this book because its a difference kind of YA romance book, it has hot aliens in it!

Thanks so much Jaclyn! Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter. Tune in next Sunday for the next stop on the tour!

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  1. Jaime Lester

    October 4, 2015 at 8:29 PM

    I haven’t read any of these, but Talented, Ignite and Small Circles all sound really, really good! I am looking forward to checking out these books, and this blog!
    Jaime Lester recently posted…Jaime Reviews ~ The Queen B* Strikes Back (The Queen B* 2) by Crista McHugh ~ Blog Tour Review and Giveaway!My Profile

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