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An avid book worm, web designer, dog lover, and all-around nerd. I design web sites for a living and currently work as a freelancer. Read on about how my love of reading started this book blog.

A Passion for Books Starts at a Young Age..


I love reading books. I have always had a passion for reading ever since I learned. My dream profession in Kindergarten was to be a Librarian (true story!). My childhood reads included anything and everything by Robert MunschAmelia Bedalia, The Berenstein Bears, The Babysitter’s Club. Then grew to Sweet Valley High, R.L. Stine and then the explosion of Chick Lit happened, so I started reading the Shopaholic series and ended up reading a lot of Jane Green‘s novels.

Teen books become an instant love

High school came, and I was more interested in web design. My co-op placement hired me and I worked as a web designer for the publishing company that publishes Canadian magazines such as Toronto Life, WEDDINGBELLS, FASHION Magazine and at the time, FASHION18. The job was a long commute downtown so I almost always brought a book. I picked up the ever popular series Harry Potter from my sister, and from The Philosopher’s Stone I was hooked. J.K. Rowling is a genius. My reading passion was ignited once again. I read classic novels, and best-sellers, but it wasn’t until I went back to college where I discovered a book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It was virtually unknown at the time and I borrowed it from my best friend Anna. I read it and loved it! Vegetarian vampires with a romance to die for? Count me in!

This was the moment I realized that the publishing world was going to turn (again). Twilight was optioned to be a movie, and after that everyone read it and it brought reading back on the map once again. I have to thank Stephenie Meyer for doing what she did. She made reading cool again.

How I found the Book Blogging Community…

At my old workplace Vervegirl Magazine, the web editor asked me to review a book she put on my desk. That book turned out to be Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Naturally I googled it and realized it was the second in the series, so I picked up The Hunger Games at the library just so I wouldn’t read the books out of order. I was hooked. The books were amazing. I haven’t read a great dystopian novel ever since Brave New World by Aldolphus Huxley, and that’s a classic! I wrote my review in two paragraphs, published it on and cross posted it on‘s web site. After a couple of days, I realized someone found my review helpful on and that just made me excited. I helped someone! Someone actually read my review!

Then I found Good Reads and quickly joined. There was an abundance of book bloggers. I found the popular Canadian bloggers and I think I even stumbled upon Wendy’s blog. I was in awe. Here was a blog where she wrote all her reviews on her blog and people shared her enthusiasm. I squealed with joy! These people share the same passion as me! BOOKS! (I was always the odd one out with her nose in a book) I knew I just had to join. I brainstormed with friends for a domain name and that is how started.

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