Blog Tour: ‘Belladonna’ by Fiona Paul Character Interview and Review

Blog Tour: ‘Belladonna’ by Fiona Paul Character Interview and Review

I received this book for free from blog tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: ‘Belladonna’ by Fiona Paul Character Interview and ReviewBelladonna by Fiona Paul
Series: Secrets of the Eternal Rose #2
Published by Philomel on July 16th, 2013
Genres: Historical, Love & Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 352
Format: Hardcover
Source: blog tours
In Renaissance Italy, love, lust, intrigue and secret societies converge to stunning results!

In the second in the stunning Secrets of the Eternal Rose series, Cassandra Caravello is trying to forget Falco, the wild artist who ran off with her heart, as she grows closer to her strong, steady fiancé, Luca. But Luca seems to have his own secrets. When he’s arrested by soldiers in the middle of the night, Cass’s life is once again thrown into chaos. She must save Luca, and that means finding the Book of the Eternal Rose—the only evidence that will prove he’s innocent.

So begins her journey to Florence, a city haunted by whispers of vampirism, secret soirees and clandestine meetings of the Order of the Eternal Rose. And home to Falco, who is working for the Order’s eerily stunning leader, the Belladonna herself.

Can Cass trust her heart to lead her to the truth this time?
Nothing is as it seems in this seductive thriller, where the truth may be the deadliest poison of all.

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Cass is back living with her aunt and still engaged to marry Luca. When people come to take away Luca for no reasons whatsoever, it’s up to Cass to help clear his name. Together with her friends, she sets her sights on Florence to find out where the Book of the Eternal Rose which leads to Luca’s innocence. What she wasn’t planning on was seeing Falco with his new employer, the ever beautiful Bella. Cass is back in the second installment of the Secret of the Eternal Rose series and she finds herself in a mystery that involves murder, secrets and corruption.

I liked Cass in this one. She was determined to do whatever it took to get Luca to safety and I just wanted her to come to her senses. Cass has many great friends and I’m glad they’re just as important to her. She treats her handmaidens like family and I’m grateful that she respects them. One thing I didn’t enjoy was that Falco wasn’t in this book as much as the first one. And I also find him rude and selfish and that’s not a good match when it comes to a romances.

Belladonna brought back the same beautiful setting that Venom did. And with the mystery came all the characters that were brought to life with Fiona’s writing. I’m interested to find out what happens in the next book!

Love the characters and their relationships!

Length was a bit too long, but the pacing was great!

Definitely fits with the theme of the novel, but a little boring..

Great plot and the secrets unveiled was pretty intense!

Overall, story is a must-read for any historical romance fans!


Sometimes it isn’t the truth that matters. It’s what other people think is true. (64)


character interview with Luca

What do you know about the Book of the Eternal Rose?

I know only what my father told me, that the Order of the Eternal Rose was formed long ago by learned men. Their original goal was noble, to find methods with which to survive bouts of illness and disease, to extend human life. The book–it’s more of a collection of papers, actually–is where their scientists and philosophers kept all of their notes. As the Order’s purpose turned darker, so did the content of these papers. I believe if this book can be recovered, then men like Joseph Dubois can be incriminated in unspeakable crimes.


Why do you believe you’ve been falsely accused?

I made it known to Dubois that I was in possession of some of these papers. A foolish move on my part, but I was hoping to use what I had to secure Cassandra’s safety. Unfortunately, the papers I have weren’t quite the damning evidence I pretended them to be. When Dubois insisted I relinquish them to him, I refused. I believe my imprisonment on the charge of heresy is a result of my defiance. I’ve never spoken ill of the Church in my life.


Do you believe that Cass will find evidence supporting you, and you’ll be free of all charges?

Mannaggia. Poor Cassandra. This ought not to be her fight. I’ve no idea if she’ll have any luck unearthing the rest of the Book of the Eternal Rose. A large part of me feels that she shouldn’t even try. Perhaps my imprisonment is a sign from God that I should have abandoned my father’s quest to destroy the Order in favor of loving her, of moving forward instead of becoming mired in the past. I fear if she follows my lead, she may suffer the same fate. I would die a thousand times over before I would wish pain on her.


If you could say one last thing to your loved ones, what would you say?

I would say that I’m truly sorry for any pain that I’ve caused, and that everything I have done was what I believed to be the best course of action at the time. I would apologize to the memories of my little sister, Diana, and to my father, for failing them. I would apologize to Cassandra for being unable to care for her the way a husband ought to care for a wife, and tell her to go out and seek happiness with another. That is my greatest wish, for her to be happy, even if it is not me who stands beside her in joy.





  1. rebecca

    July 22, 2013 at 3:09 AM

    I love Luca! if I were Cass I would definitely pick him. I love sweet, caring guys.

  2. Desiree

    July 20, 2013 at 6:53 PM

    I adore Luca, he is so good and kind, but he just lacks the hawt, hawt, hawt feel of Falco for me! I really enjoyed this look into his thoughts, but I would enjoy a look into Flaco’s pants even more… Oh god, TMI!

  3. Lisa (Lost in Literarure)

    July 17, 2013 at 2:44 PM

    I’ve decided I must now start this series. I had honestly never heard of it until the awesome reviews for this one started flowing. I’m definitely interested now!! 🙂

  4. Bridget Howard

    July 17, 2013 at 1:36 AM

    This is so cute. He sounds so sweet I can’t wait to read more about him in Belladonna!!!

  5. Jaime Lynn

    July 16, 2013 at 11:12 PM

    I haven’t read Venom yet, but now that Belladonna is out and people are loving it as much as the first book, I think it is time for me to read it already. Thank you for your review! P.S. I don’t like this cover as much as I like the cover of Venom. 🙁

  6. Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

    July 16, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    I haven’t started this series…not 100% sure that it’s for me…but I enjoyed the review and interview!

  7. Sara (@Forever17Books)

    July 16, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    “I would die a thousand times over before I would wish pain on her.” <–Oh Luca. You are so sweet you make it hard to be on Team Falco sometimes. lol Thanks for sharing this character interview! 🙂

  8. Cali W.

    July 15, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    Cool interview and review! This book sounds really exciting. <3

  9. Farrah

    July 15, 2013 at 11:33 AM

    I’ve heard of this series and have been going back and forth about whether or not I should read it. If the second book is good, maybe I should get started on the series. And Luca sounds totally adorable 🙂

  10. Jessica R

    July 15, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Aww, Luca. He’s so caring and sweet. I loved Falco in Venom, but Luca is really starting to win me over.
    I loved Cass in this one as well. She was stronger and braver and I too love how much she cares for everyone. Great post, Giselle 🙂

  11. christinamarch

    July 15, 2013 at 4:34 AM

    I LOVE this series:) Luca is one of my favorite characters – I think he seems so reserved but underneath he’s amazing:)

    LOVE the character interview:) He really loves Cass.

  12. Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    July 15, 2013 at 12:07 AM

    I have yet to read the first book in this series but I have heard great things about it. I can’t wait to meet Cass and Luca and find out what the mystery is! Glad you enjoyed this!

    Great review! 😀 And thanks for the fun interview!

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

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