Blog Tour: ‘Liars, Inc.’ by Paula Stokes Review and Contest Giveaway

Blog Tour: ‘Liars, Inc.’ by Paula Stokes Review and Contest Giveaway

I received this book for free from blog tours, Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour: ‘Liars, Inc.’ by Paula Stokes Review and Contest GiveawayLiars, Inc. by Paula Stokes
Published by HarperTeen on March 24th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Love & Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 368
Format: eARC
Source: blog tours, Edelweiss
For fans of Gone Girl, I Hunt Killers, and TV's How to Get Away with Murder.

Max Cantrell has never been a big fan of the truth, so when the opportunity arises to sell forged permission slips and cover stories to his classmates, it sounds like a good way to make a little money and liven up a boring senior year. With the help of his friends Preston and Parvati, Max starts Liars, Inc. Suddenly everybody needs something and the cash starts pouring in. Who knew lying could be so lucrative?

When Preston wants his own cover story to go visit a girl he met online, Max doesn’t think twice about hooking him up. Until Preston never comes home. Then the evidence starts to pile up—terrifying clues that lead the cops to Preston’s body. Terrifying clues that point to Max as the murderer.

Can Max find the real killer before he goes to prison for a crime he didn’t commit? In a story that Kirkus Reviews called "Captivating to the very end," Paula Stokes starts with one single white lie and weaves a twisted tale that will have readers guessing until the explosive final chapters.

About Paula Stokes

Paula Stokes is half writer, half RN, and totally thrilled to be part of the world of YA literature. She started out writing historical fiction under a pen name and is now branching out into other YA genres.

When she's not working (rare), she's kayaking, hiking, reading, or seeking out new adventures in faraway lands. She's petted tigers, snuggled snakes, snorkeled with stingrays, and once enjoyed the suction-cuppy feel of a baby elephant's trunk as it ate peanuts from her palm. Her future goals include diving with Great White sharks, learning Krav Maga, and writing a whole slew of novels, not necessarily in that order.

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Warning: swear words are found in the book.

Blew through this book and stayed up until 2:38am to finish it. So much craziness.. So many lies..I was thoroughly invested in the story straight from the beginning. You just know that these characters are going to be making very bad decisions one right after the other. And the repercussions just add up making it even worse than before. This is the type of book where you can pretty much guarantee you’ll read in one sitting because the writing flows so evenly and you just want to get to the bottom of all the lies and deception. I read this in one sitting and staying up to read it? Well it was super easy to do so.

Max is a character who you get to root for. You want him to win, you want him to have his happily ever after. I pitied him from the start because obviously I didn’t trust his girlfriend or best friend. There was something shifty and shady about the way they would dodge their answers whenever Max asked them. I also didn’t get how nonchalant he was when the police. I know he’s had experience as a runaway orphan but still wouldn’t you be freaked out if the FBI is investigating you? He doesn’t even bother being careful but that’s part of his character I guess. In the end, I just wanted him to get his act together and get out of the mess. I wanted more development with his family because I found his sister to be hilarious.

Can I say the pacing and the plot just kept moving like a train at high speed that I pretty much stuck my head in this book until it was over? Yep I loved the ride. I was constantly changing my theories around but never really considered the outcome because it just seemed “too easy” as a plot device. The real reason was a whole heck of complications and I can’t wait until Paula writes more. She just knows how to mystery thrillers and I would love to see what else she has in store for us.


To me, Mother Nature isn’t nearly as scary as human nature.
How did girls know exactly how far they could bend over without flashing the good stuff?
Life had a way of coming in and screwing shit up whenever things started going good.
A lot of kids think high school represents the best years of their lives, but others recognize that it’s mostly irrelevant bullshit, and that life doesn’t even begin until afterward.
You think it’s okay to lie about stuff like that as long as you have a reason?
When you care about someone so much that you’ll do anything-even stupid or destructive things-to protect them.
You can’t just chase wildly after every wave. You have to wait for the right one to come to you.
It kind of sucks having nothing to lose, but it sucks even worse having everything good taken away from you. Or to realize it was never yours in the first place.
Faith seems to be something people develop when their lives are going good.

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