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susan_a-soul-unsung_thumbnail“I had been wanting to update my blog design for some time now and I had been looking for the right person to collaborate with on, and I finally felt like I found that with Giselle of Book Nerd. She’s a phenomenally talented and all around sweet person, whom I enjoyed working with. She definitely took all of my idea’s and thoughts into consideration, and helped me to come up with a complete re-design for my blog that I am ecstatic to share with everyone. She works with a fabulous illustrator who can and will pretty do anything that you want. She’s great with offering suggestions and explaining things to you, and then taking all of your input and turning out a fabulous design that you’ll definitely enjoy! I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who is wanting to just either touch up their exisisting blog design or wanting to scrap it and come up with a whole new concept and complete design. She works wonderfully with you on the price and payment plans as well. So, definitely give her a shot! I know that I am extremely proud of the job she did with A Soul Unsung and I’ll be singing her praises for a long long time.”—Susan @ A Soul Unsung



lindsey_a-storm-of-words_thumbnail “The best thing about having Giselle work on my layout is that she was quick to attend to the concerns and requests I made of my layout. As a fellow book blogger, she also knew exactly what I needed to make my site more accessible and easier to navigate.”—Lindsey @ A Storm of Words

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