My Thoughts: Third Party Help in Blogging and BookTube


combining my work experience, life lessons and observations into a fun new topic that pertains to the book community, my thoughts will be a monthly featured post on the first of every month.

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, my open, honest and complete thoughts. Please do not take offense/judge me for stating my opinions.

I hope this post is not putting forth the blame on anyone, I’m not attacking saying that others with thousands of followers are dishonest. That’s not my intention. I’m just saying that there are ways to get there dishonestly. I feel like people need to know it’s out there. God, I feel like a whistle-blower or something. Please don’t shoot the messenger..

So what are these third-party agencies and what does it have to do with books and blogging and Book Tube?

There are ways to cheat your progress, to gain a massive following. I don’t know if anyone even knows about it and I even stumbled upon it (while searching for tips), but there are ways. There are services out there on the Interwebs that will help you gain 10,000 likes or 100,000 pageviews in a single stroke. Most are paid and you can cheat the system. There are bots that will ping your web site over and over and over again so you can gain a huge number of pageviews and even YouTube video views in one single day. (I’m not going to link to any of these because I don’t believe they’re ethical at all, but feel free to Google yourself to see.)

Numbers mean everything..

You’re probably wondering how I know about it. I worked at a lot of businesses (in my hey-day of a career) and word gets around about gaining more hits, more likes, more NUMBERS. Because in reality, numbers say a lot. The numbers is what matters in business. Sometimes that’s all that matters really. Because the more popular you are, the more numbers you can produce which results in more money. It’s always about the money isn’t it? *sighs*

Third-Party Agencies

Ever since I started putting more original content on my YouTube channel, I’ve been receiving pitch emails. Emails from agencies who want to work with me, who see “my potential” (yep I’m quoting them in the email) and want to help me gain even more hits, more video views, more subscribers. I only mention them because they are relentless, further emailing me about 3x to remind me about it, so in true Giselle fashion I got fed up and politely declined them. Never hearing from them again. I should mention that in my disclaimer that I don’t work with third-party agencies or companies *adds to-do list*

I’ve been invited by these agencies which pitch me time and time again to come work with them. They find my email address, they contact my Facebook inbox system and sometimes they follow the rules and fill out my contact form here on the blog. They promise things like: helping my blog gain a huge network of followers on YouTube. And each and every time they do, I delete it. Not interested! I am not in the book blogging or BookTube community to make money.

So does that mean what I think it means?

There’s nothing wrong with getting help! If someone uses a third-party agency to get ahead, that’s their business and not mine. I care about how I vlog, how I write reviews and I’m not in this for popularity or money.

Honesty is the best Policy..

I don’t believe in dishonesty, I believe in hard work. I’m constantly looking for new and exciting ways to bring the blog and BookTube together. Every single like, subscriber, follower has been earned by me. And sure most are gained with giveaways, but I just love playing Santa and being able to give books away. It’s my new mission after all, to share the book love! So in a way, that’s how I justify having so many contests. I want everyone to read all the books!

Share the book love

It’s quite simple really, if you produce quality work, people will like it and follow you. That’s my philosophy about blogging and BookTube and I hope that all my readers and visitors know that. I do this for them and for me. Best combo ever.

Don’t take this personally and think every single blogger or BookTuber has been getting help now. I just wanted to let everyone know there are ways to gain a following and not all of them are done honestly.



  1. Trisha

    April 22, 2016 at 3:13 PM

    Hi Giselle, I appreciate your honesty here and I totally agree with you. I’ve seen and received pitches to help me “grow” my followers by paying for subscribers and it just makes me feel icky. Yes, I’d love more followers – everyone does. But I want real followers that I can interact with and that appreciate my content (and maybe even have cool content of their own to share with me). Like you said, if someone wants to buy followers, that’s their business, but for me, that isn’t an option. Thanks for sticking up for what you believe in.
    Trisha recently posted…It’s GIVEAWAY time!My Profile

    • giselle

      April 25, 2016 at 6:42 PM

      You’re so welcome Trisha! You hit the nail on the head, I want real people who I get to interact with and have friends. And I want to share more of their content as well. Win win win for everyone!

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